Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Recommendation for Auntie Donna from Des H. Pet Parent of Leonardo DiPupprio
Leonardo DiPupprio and his girlfriend Jazzy love the mountain views. Then time with his other friends to relax.

                                        Leo gets some social time and everyone has a good time. 

I would like to take a moment to thank the most amazing woman in the world for all that she has done for me and my sweet pooch. I currently work as a nurse at a local hospital on 12 hour shifts. I have a new puppy and had no idea when I moved into my new place how I was going to manage. Then one bright sunny day as I was checking out my new neighborhood I came upon a car that said "Auntie Donna's Pet Sitting Service" and like any good stalker I followed her to her next clients home where I was able to introduce myself. My prayers had been answered.
She is the most wonderful, trustworthy and reliable person I could have ever hoped would come into my life and help me out with my pooch. I routinely have Donna come over to take my dog out for the day. Every day my dog goes with Donna he comes home tired and ready to relax. This is perfect as I am ready to relax myself after a long day. She has also helped me out when I went to Hawaii for a week. She sends daily photos and we share a journal of information about the day's activities and any other additional log information we have questions about. I trust Donna and I know she takes care of my dog as if he were her own.  She is easy to work with, accommodates all my crazy schedule changes. She is the best and I would recommend anyone to use Donna for pet sitting. You would never regret it.