Tuesday, June 17, 2014


A year ago I adopted a sweet tabby who is now named Che'.  He is well known by all my neighbors and makes sure everyone gets home safe.  He also does his best to show off his athletic abilities with speed climbing up the trees. A year ago Che' tolerated a few hours inside and now after a year goes out for an hour or two.
One of the questions kitty parents face is whether to have an inside cat or outside or both.  I have talked with veterinarians who say it is a challenge to keep some cats inside all the time.  The advantages of doing have shown to increase a kitty's lifespan, reduces health risks & injuries.  To help a kitty adapt to being an indoor cat you can add tree like activity posts, climbing "shelves" plants and fresh litter boxes.  Cozy beds and blankets, kitty grass, play toys, tunnels, games, catnip and healthy food and fresh water all enhance the environment.  Most important is you.  As much as kitties love their independence they definitely like to know their "human" is within their realm of existence.  Che' has chosen to be at my side day and night these days and prior he tolerated a moment of sitting near any human. 
It is so nice to see this fellow relax, purr and remain a healthy well balanced and loved kitty.
Keep on Purring!