Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cool Pets

Today the temperatures in the SW Washington area will hit 98 degree temperatures. Yesterday was only 93 degrees. This is a time for even more protection is needed to be there for our loving pets. Please read the information on the United Animal Nations website:

Just yesterday, I found a lab mix, wearing a "black tuxedo suit" and walking the main road in the heat of the 93 degree day. His black coat was hot to touch and his tongue was as long as it could be. He was drenched from panting and definitely needed water. Of course, I stopped my car and offered water in a traveling pet bowl. He finally drank and then I began the quest to find his home. He gratefully climbed in my car with a bit of help as this fellow was 10 years old. Even though he wore a "tuxedo" he did not have a complete outfit. He was not wearing a collar or tags to make this quest easy. I visited 10 homes before finally finding his family. It is with great thanks that so many of the homes I stopped at were animal lovers too. Each took sincere interest in helping. Water, shade and food were offered for him at a pet lovers home. Thank you Jackie, Rea & Casie. He even received a cool water bath to lower his body temp. "Socks" is now at home and is a repeat runner (walker with a limp). I did make recommendations that he have a collar with tags to wear and a microchip added to ensure his safe return. Water and a cool place to shelter himself from the heat.
Please be on the look out for our furry friends, especially in this heat.

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